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Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

Tami Jersey Roberts

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After years of trying all the popular diets, Tami knows too well that these diets don't work and can even be harmful. She was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, fatty liver, sleep apnea and more -- but she finally figured it out during two years of Functional Nutrition training at the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Tami brings a new perspective to way women look at "how to drop some pounds." She teaches what it means to go to the "roots" of the weight issues. She helps women remove their blocks to weight loss with personalized nutrition & lifestyle solutions, in supportive, loving group environments, so they can achieve lasting weight loss AND their best health EVER!

Tami's weight is down over 90 pounds from 10 years ago and she's still going. Her doctor took her off ALL her medications. She's healthy, thriving, and brings compassion and a caring heart to her audiences.

Lasting Weight-Loss through the A.R.T. of Functional Nutrition...

helps women finally achieve their best health EVER!


yes, we are born with our genes

Being born with a genetic predisposition for obesity and other diseases does not mean we are doomed. Tami shares the four areas in our lives that we do have influence over, that affect our genes. We can affect how our genes express--either negatively or positively--by implementing simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. We can reverse many conditions, not just obesity, with tweaks to our environment, movement, mindset and of course our foods. Tami's approach brings simplicity to a multi-factorial condition...helps women find methods that will work for them.


at the root of chronic illnesses

Inflammation is said to be the root cause of nearly every chronic illness. Tami's programs help women calm and modulate inflammation while enhancing their overall immune function. With autoimmune conditions on the rise, it's critical that women understand what's gong on, how to prevent inflammatory syndromes and how to manage the symptoms so they can live a pain-free life once again.


feeds all the body's systems

Our body's signs and symptoms speak to us asking for nutrients needed to function properly; it's up to us to interpret, translate and supply the propert nutrition through the foods we eat. Unfortunately, many of us are nutrient depleted due to chemical exposure, soil minteral depletion, genetically-modified plants, overconsumption of refined sugar and processed foods.

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

Tami Jersey Roberts

Personalized Weight Loss with Group Support System

I learned the holistic way to achieve weight balance, reverse type 2 diabetes and more...I want to help others do it, too!

Tami has tried them all: Atkins, South Beach, Zone, Nutra Systems, Paleo, Jenny Craig, Blood Type, Weight name a few.

Through it all Tami has seen her weight Yo-Yo from 200lbs to 250lbs and back again.

Obsessed with finding a way out of her medical conditions and life-long obesity; Tami enrolled in the Functional Nutrition Alliance with Andrea Nakayama. After two years, Tami became a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.

BUT she also learned what was at the roots of her multiple illnesses and what to do about it. She's down over 90 pounds so far, her doctor took her off ALL medications. Sleep doctor told her to stop using the CPAP machine.

EVERYONE IS UNIQUE and requires a personalized approach to weight loss. Each overweight person is not the same; Tami's methods find each person's blocks and customizes a nutrition & lifestyle plan to help them remove the blocks to their perfect health.

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"Tami brings root cause resolutions for lasting weigh loss success!"

Why Tami & The Functional Nutrition Approach?

Lasting Weight loss with

Blood Sugar Mastery

Many people mistakenly believe they do not have to worry about blood sugar balance unless they have insulin-resistance or type-2 diabetes. This is a huge misconception! Blood sugar imbalance is the main reason diets fail.

Seasonal Cleanses &


Tami's seasonal cleanse & detox plans put you back in sync with your body's natural rhythms and cycles. Common signs you may benefit are weight gain, allergies, brain fog, infections and chronic pain.

Supplements and

therapeutic Herbs & Foods

Many people are taking loads of supplements, but have no idea if they need them. Tami explains why herbs, supplements & foods need personalization for therapeutic usage. One size does not fit all!

functional nutrition shines a light on individuality, not a cookie-cutter approach!

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Tami's been interviewed by Melissa Hendricks, Connie Knudson, Rhonda Ryder, Wendy Griepentrog, Jennifer Silverston, Katrina Radke and others.

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